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About NatureFriend Safaris

hello and welcome to naturefriend safaris

it is difficult to capture what we are about in just a few words. maybe our secret ingredient is that we are small enough to provide individual attention, yet have the operational muscle and organizational fines to move mountains. our staff is integrated into our company and specific care is taken to ensure that unforgettable experiences are delivered to our clients.

this website's foremost purpose is to showcase a few possibilities. don’t forget that virtually everything we do is tailor-made. if we manage to entice you to send us an email about your next possible holiday then we have succeeded. so even if you do not find anything on this site that speaks to you – send us an email with your ideas and dreams. worst-case scenario, should we not be able to assist, at least we can show you in the right direction.

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leander borg
managing director

Terms and Conditions

NatureFriend Safaris Terms and Conditions

In order to confirm a booking – 20% non-refundable deposit is required
More than 8 weeks’ notice - a non-refundable deposit of 20% forfeited
Less than 8 weeks’ notice - deposit plus 25%
Less than 4 weeks’ notice - 50%
Less than 3 weeks’ notice - 60%
Less than 2 weeks’ notice - 100%

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